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10 Recommendations to creating your own desktop wallpaper

· Remember that the most important thing in creating wallpapers is practice. If you wish to create wallpaper that would please to your eyes and the eyes of other people around you, you should have a quite good practice. Even if you read hundreds books and have no practice you will certainly experience a failure.
· You should pay special attention to the object location. For this, you should be a camera professional and know how to set it correctly.
· You should take a lot of photographs that you plan to make wallpaper out from. Then run through and make a nice selection. You could have a thousand of amateur photographs but among them you will find some really nice and beautiful.
· Creating computer desktop wallpaper requires creativity. You cannot do this without inventing the basic idea, concept, design, etc.
· When you create wallpaper using your should be careful while editing them. Any little thing can ruin the impression.
· The photo lines should seem smooth when your run the picture through different kinds of filters.
· Remove everything which seems to be not to the point.
· Remember that your wallpaper should look beautiful. The beauty is the biggest attribute for your desktop wallpaper.
· Compare your own masterpiece to the ones on the Internet.
· Remember that the first pancake is always a failure. Therefore, even if you are not able to create a high-quality computer wallpaper you should not give up. Better luck next time.

Many PC users believe that the wallpaper is something additional. Why should you better not use the wallpaper on your desktop?